The Jeep Renegade is a popular subcompact SUV. This zippy little ride has one of the most recognizable silhouettes on the road today. Though it's obviously inspired by the Army Jeeps of the 1940s, the Renegade has a more streamlined exterior. It's more sleek and aerodynamic than many of the Jeep SUVs of the past. However, it's still a performance vehicle. There are nine wheel and tire configurations available. The Jeep Renegade can be easily customized for just about any task.

The Jeep Renegade offers available LED head- and taillights. Daylight running lights make this small SUV more readily visible to oncoming traffic. Safety and visibility on the roads of Eureka is never a challenge in the Renegade. Finally, this vehicle features two available sunroof options. The first is the innovative MySky powered removable sunroof. The second is the more traditional dual pane sunroof, which offers only two position options: open and closed.


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