Jeep Renegade Packs Unique Pulling Power

The new Jeep Renegade is a popular and powerful midsize SUV. Like many of its Jeep predecessors, the Renegade includes many features that are designed specifically for off-road experiences. Included in this list of off-roading chops are specialized low gear ranges as well as exceptional ground clearance ratings.

Many off-road conditions require vehicles to negotiate steep, muddy, or otherwise hostile terrain. The Jeep Renegade does this easily with the specialized Jeep Active Drive Low 4 x 4 technology. The system has a 20:1 crawl ratio that allows it to tow heavy loads or move itself up steep or rocky terrain.

In addition, the Jeep Renegade provides drivers with the extra convenience of a trail rated 8.7 inches of effective clearance. This level of clearance allows Jeep Renegade operators to access terrain normally not available to four-wheel-drive vehicles.



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