The Dodge Challenger is a powerful machine. It is built for getting you moving from Point A to Point B in a hurry. This is why drivers in the Eureka, CA area like the new Challenger. It is a sporty performance car that is meant to be flashy.

There are four different engine types offered in this Dodge car. The most powerful of these engines has 717 horsepower behind it! Even the least powerful has over 300 horsepower. Clearly, this is the everyday man's idea of a racing vehicle.

Other features on the Dodge Challenger make it easier to drive, such as electronic power steering and the ability to use different keyfobs to choose just how much power you want that engine to churn out for you. You can go for the maximum power if that is the kind of day you are looking forward to, but many choose to use a more standard output when they are just trying to get around town. The choice is yours, and the Dodge Challenger is ready for you to explore.


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