How the Dodge Charger is Built for Protection

Even when it is standing still, the Dodge Charger stands out as an imposing muscle car that’s capable of conquering any road. Its functioning hood scoop up front and the retro-styled spoilers in the back all point to high-speed power. But all this brawn is also forged to protect its riders, making the vehicle ideal for family outings.

Take the safety frame, for example. It’s solidly built with high-strength steel and impressive roof toughness that shields the passenger cabin from accidents. On the sides, high-strength steel beams are welded into the door construction to reinforce the sedan structure and protect against side-impact intrusions.

The Dodge Charger can fulfill both your wishes for youthful high-performance and parental concern for your family members. Find out how by contacting our Eureka Dodge dealership and scheduling a test drive.

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