When it Comes to Brake Inspection, Earlier is Better

The brakes on any vehicle should be inspected routinely. Often times, problems with braking begin slowly. Taking the car in for a brake inspection early is one way to save money and be safe. Our auto service technicians at Lithia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT of Eureka, CA offer brake inspections.

We'll begin by looking at the brake pads or shoes. Brake shoes put pressure inside the drum, and brake pads work with disc brakes, instead of drums. Braking causes a lot of friction. Disc brake systems cool quicker than the traditional drum brakes, but whichever style you have, our technicians can inspect them. We will also inspect the brake line for any deterioration.

If any of the components need to be replaced, the parts department will use the automobile manufacturer’s recommended disc pads, shoes, or brake lines. Do not put off having a brake inspection. We will work to make it convenient and easy for you.

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